“Happiness is a state of mind”. 

How many times have you heard that and wondered how someone can be so flippant about telling you to be happy, when there’s nothing but misery in your life over a loss?

Well, there’s a strategy to happiness, especially after a loss.

Dodinsky said,

“Grieving is a necessary passage and difficult transition to finally letting go of sorrow –
it is not a permanent rest stop.”

The losses we encounter through life often leave us with lack of direction on how to proceed without the whom or what we’ve lost.

Often, we get stuck in our grief and have a hard time letting go of the sorrow. We somehow feel guilty for being happy, so we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy life.

I’ve been there, and I understand. Yet, through all the sorrow and loss, I’m still standing; better than ever, and I can help you stand up too.

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Once you hit that button, you’ll be setting the course to fulfill your new dream!

Grief isn’t something that “goes away”, but I’m honored to help you move through your grief and find your new purpose in life.

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